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Welcome to tetrinet 2 , our little information platform for those who look for information about the colorful world of Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs as they are commonly referred to. Over the years, a big number of different games has seen the light of day in this special game genre and tetrinet2 will try to make its readers comprehend the different aspects of this very special genre. For a better understanding, the articles on this site will also discuss the area of Role Playing Games as well as Multiplayer Online Games, the two main categories from which the MMORPGs derived.

Tetrinet 2 supplies information about games.

Apart from the MOGs, you can find information about the great variety of genres existing within the world of computer games. From Fun games to First Person Shooter games every gamer finds his favorite kind of game among the different sorts of games. However, if you would like to learn more bout the different game genres then visit bp18protege's homepage!

The initial intention to create this site was the release of the tetrinet 2 multiplayer Tetris game back in 2000. After a legal request in 2007 our site was shut down and remained in this state till recently. That's why tetrinet2.com likes to make clear that this site, http://www.tetrinet2.com/, http://tetrinet2.com/ or any other variant of our domain does only supply written information about the topics given above. Neither we sell any products on this site nor will you find a tetrinet2 download or anything similar. Apart from that, we welcome everyone to surf on our site and enjoy the given content.

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